Sunday, November 13, 2011

So much in love

Look at his little squishy cheeks!! How can you not be crazy in love with this little boy? I tell you what EVERYONE in this house has been bit by the love bug in a huge way. I was worried with how biggwrl would react to him hogging mommy after we got home but I should have been worried by how much SHE would hog HIM. She doesn't care that he's hogging mommy she just climbs in my lap and pets him while he's eatting begging to burb him or have a turn holding him. The girls fight constantly about who's turn it is to love on him next. Daddy walks in the door wanting to hold him. and lets not even get into gramma and nanna. This boy is a love machine. Just a 9lb bundle of lovin. No one can resist the sweet baby smell ! We are powerless against it!

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