Friday, May 27, 2011

the perfect pants

My family has decided i've gone off the deep end. Like this is ANYTHING new.
I am a little odd i'll grant you that. I HATE my maternity pants. I am CONSTANTLY pulling them up. So with my "blossoming" figgure i've been on the look out for comfy summer appropriate pants.
it's summer. Im HOT. Im pregnant. Im getting to the point i really dont care how funny I look, as long as it's pregnant and not fat. :) I do have some dignity or so we thought. Yesterday at walmart I found the most AWESOME pair of capris! Who cares that they are REALLY jammie pants? Or that they are Dr. Seuss? Not me! These pants are soooooo comfortable! I think they are cute! I wore them out yesterday, you should have seen the look on Big Daddys face when I picked him up with my "comfy" pants on. I thought he was seriously going to have a heart attack he was trying so hard not to laugh. His opinion was well babe i married you knowing you had an odd side and im glad you are comfortable. Such a sweetheart! As for eldest I think she may hide them if I go out anywhere with her again.

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Kat said...

rofl, this is SO freakin awesome. i love you and i would be proud to go anywhere with you, even in these pants! hehe.