Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back on the air!

I am FINALLY back!
Things are starting to settle down.
We have now moved into and are starting to settle into our new home.  It's slowly but surely starting to look and feel like a home.
We still don't have the girls bunk beds put up but maybe we'll get to that this weekend.

Supernova is starting to make his (we only address the baby as a boy ) presence known. He is a very active baby :) right now im enjoying being the only one who can feel the movements. It's so special and something just between us. That will all change soon enough!
We have found out what Supernova is BUT we are waiting until they do the anatomy scan next month :)
Sorry. I know it FEELS like a teaser but we want to make sure since this ultrasound was really kind of early to find out the sex for sure.

Other than that we will soon be getting back into baking and trips so stay tuned for our next adventure. Right now im going outside to play in the sprinkler!

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