Monday, September 20, 2010

Jell-o Fun!

One of the blogs I read did a post on rainbow jello and it just looked so super-awesome! Middlest and Bigwrl asked if mommy would make it so for our cooking experiment we went and bought a TON of jello ( Red, Orange, Yellow,green,blue, and purple Colors) the small boxes. We dug out a silicone heart shaped brownie pan and a glass cassarole dish. Then we started cooking..

 Now I will say this 8 out of nine sites said to use either sour cream or whipped cream and either shmear it between the layers or mix with the current color you are using after it solidifys. the effect would eventually look like this...
However I am CHEAP!
I didn't do that .
We boiled 1cup of water.. stirred...and then added 1 cup of water
we measured in 1 1/2 tbsp of jello into each cup and poured what was left into the cassarole dish
we then placed it in the fridge and allowed the jello to set for apx. 30 min okay well it was closer to 15 min some of the time.
repeat the process 6 more times.
this project takes all day long
HOWEVER it is super freaking awesome
We discovered serveral things... the light does not get through shapes to show off the layers.
The heart shapes were yummy but black looking..
until you cut a thin cross section which is what the slab is.
we tried using the biscut cutters to cut circles to see it that worked but no go. Next time we'll use the whipped cream :)


Scrapin Kat said...

My mom makes this at Christmas with cream cheese -- it takes days but worth it!

When you coming to see us?

Anonymous said...

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