Thursday, September 30, 2010

BigGwrl investigates "Coconuts"

On our Creek Investigation we found some "Coconuts"
So we investigated those as well  These are BigGwrls field notes.

We have 9 coconuts
7 are green with brown spots
2 are black

They have a stem and black dots
They are circle or ball shaped
They are scrapey and bumpy like Mimi's tongue
They came from trees but some are on the gwound
They smell kinda like Spwite
Now we cut.

They have bwown juice.
They have pits (STONES) like a peachy
The inside DOES NOT smell like Spwite ( It smells like poo-poos)
The bwown juice does not come off of Daddys hands
We talked about how when stuff falls down animals eat it then the seeds get in thier poo-poos and grow new trees. That was cool.
Then I filled my bucket with water and the coconuts float!!

We found out all kinds of cool things. EXCEPT what they really are. But I still think they are coconuts.  Mommy said maybe later we will investigate coconuts :)

P.S. Aunt J wrote mommy after she read this and told her she thought they were BLACK WALNUTS so mommy and I did more imbestigateing ( like ABBY) and they are!! but mommy said we still can't eat them

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